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Jennifer Lopez: Her Top Makeup Tips

Jennifer Lopez’ makeup is a goal of most women. She always looks natural, beautiful, and confident. It brings up the question of what makeup does Jennifer Lopez wear. Apparently, it has less to do with the makeup, and more to do with the application of it.

The unique idea that Jennifer Lopez’ makeup artist uses is to accentuate the lines of her face. While most women work to make their face look smooth and soft, her makeup is applied in order to create a harder look. This is what makes her appear so confident, even on her off days. Start by applying a darker color to the edges of the face, and then blend it with a foundation that perfectly matches the skin. Finish with a dusting powder to blend it naturally.

When she does discuss what makeup she wears, Jennifer Lopez is more concerned with ingredients as opposed to brands or specific products. Her first and most important rule is that it must have ample sunscreen in it. The youthful appearance of Lopez is not sheer luck; she works to keep her skin healthy and safe.

beauty secrets from Jennifer Lopez

Next, Jennifer Lopez recommends any product that contains rose or avocado. They protect the skin from dryness which helps to keep the skin looking young, but it also keeps the makeup in place. The rose or avocado may be in a concealer or foundation, but it can also be applied in the form of a lotion or a cream. Any way you can get it on your skin is great.

Jennifer Lopez' Makeup

The question should not be, “What makeup does Jennifer Lopez wear?” Instead, the question should be, “How can I keep my skin as healthy as Jennifer Lopez?” Thankfully, she has released her secrets to help women all over to feel as beautiful as her.

Jennifer Lopez

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