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Top 5 Beauty Secrects from Korea

It’s been a little over a year since my last visit to South Korea but I still remember how impressed I was by the beauty of Korean girls and their efforts to look pretty and stylish. I really enjoyed the time I had spent in Seoul and the most interesting part of it was adjusting to the Korean lifestyle and discovering the beauty secrets of Korean women.

korean beauty secrets

Korean girls have naturally thick, healthy & shiny hair to die for and they really enjoy trying different hairstyles. Long wavy hair is the most popular hairstyle among young Korean women followed by a medium length bob haircut with full bangs. It not only makes them look youthful but also extremely feminine and doll-like. Most Korean girls dye their hair in various chocolate brown to dark blond colors depending on what’s in.

Girls wear beautiful hair accessories to dress up their casual hairstyles. If you go shopping at DongDaeMun (or any other shopping street in Seoul) then you’ll find it difficult not to buy at least three cute things for your hair. 

Soo Hyang

You’ll find it hard to pass by numerous beauty stores with excellent beauty care products and leave without getting something. Korean beauties spend a considerable amount of money on skin care products, especially on sunblocks and whitening creams. They know very well that too much sun exposure can promote premature skin aging.

Beauty secrets can range from a natural lotion or tincture to something as complex as a professional microdermabrasion machine or laser treatment. Regions of the world differ in which methods are used the most, as some cultural traditions always dictate the action of the group.

Korean girls use eye liners a lot to create a cat-eyed look. A black eye liner can do wonders and turn you into an Asian beauty with a touch of mystery in your eyes.

A healthy diet and drinking plenty of barley tea are the basic reasons why Korean girls are slim. A way too slim sometimes, I’d say, but you get my message – you are what you eat.

Lee Hyori

Girls in Korea enjoy making themselves look pretty and Korean men appreciate the beauty of their women by telling them everyday nomu yeppo meaning you are very beautiful.

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  1. Hi ¡¡¡ I loved your post, i´m going to follow all of these i just love how much care and effort they put into their daily beauty routines … thank you for your collaboration n_n ¡¡ <3

  2. Hey Liz! I’m glad you liked my article :) Korean women (no matter what age even grannies) dress up and put makeup on every day. They really enjoy it and one just can’t help but admire their beauty :)

  3. Loved your post. Korean women are the most beautiful I have seen in Asia.

    • Thanks, Tomi! It’s striking how often you hear people use the word beautiful or cute toward girls in Korea. I’ve been to many countries and it’s difficult for me to say which country has the most beautiful girls. But if I had to make a list of top 10, Korea would be on it :)

    • korean chikas skin are awesome.. hey :) i want that slim bod too.. is barley tea really that effective?

  4. Hey! I had love you comment . But I have pimples and darks pots where I am not appreciate with my friends . Pls tell me some good plants or products which will i look beautiful. Pls

  5. Hi everyone, I bought Go Hyun Jung’s beauty book & summarised her top beauty secrets in my blog so everyone can benefit from her beauty routine too:


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